Medical Students

Supporting you while you study, so you can keep on learning and becoming the best doctor you can be.  

As a doctor owned membership organisation, we recognise the challenges faced during your years as a medical student from studying, exams and clinical placements, to earning an income.

That is why it's essential that you have your own medical indemnity, as your university may not cover you in all situations.

MDA National is here to support you, so you don't have to worry about a complaint or claim being made that could affect your future career.


Why medical students choose MDA National?

At MDA National, we understand the challenges you may face throughout your studies and in your career ahead, because we have long invested in Australia's emerging doctors.

We proactively support more than 80%# of the country's medical students with access to complimentary medical indemnity cover, education and career support, regular events, and networking opportunities. 

As an MDA National Member, you can be reassured that we are by your side providing accurate advice and timely support - so you can focus on your studies with peace of mind. 

We will  be by your side throughout your student years, offering comprehensive protection, unparalleled advice & support.

  • Expert advice – our team of leading medico-legal experts are here to help you from day one, and will always provide you with independent, unbiased advice and support.
  • Peer support – our Doctors for Doctors program allows you to talk freely with a peer who understands what you're going through and the personal impact of a medico-legal matter.
  • Events – we work with your university's MEDSOC to hold events that provide face-to-face support, networking opportunities, and medico-legal information to empower you with knowledge and confidence while you learn.
  • On-demand learning – we provide on-demand learning activities, tailored to what you need to know as a student. Topics such as applying for an internship, social media use and risks, and elective essentials.
  • Easy access to resources & policy information – downloading the MDA National app keeps us by your side. Update your policy on-the-go, listen to webinars, read case studies, and connect directly with our medico-legal experts via live chat.
  • Special offers – throughout the year, we offer students a range of special offers from discounted textbooks to food services.

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#MDA National data June 2016.


Not a Member?

It's easy to apply online to become an MDA National Member and receive a free medical dictionary* - simply apply for a complimentary medical indemnity policy today and show your confirmation email to MDA National staff at your University’s Student Orientation event. 

Have a question or need assistance? Contact your local Business Development representative or our Member Services team on 1800 011 255 from 8:30am to 8pm AEST Monday to Friday.

*This offer is only valid for first year medical students studying medicine in all states and territories other than Victoria.


Common questions for medical students

This type of insurance protects you if something goes wrong while you're providing medical care or if a patient is harmed. It can cover your legal defence costs, as well as any damages awarded as a result of a claim being made against you.
Indemnity insurance gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on being the best doctor you can - without the worry of an incident potentially affecting your future career.

Engaging with your MDO as a medical student can be of enormous benefit when things go wrong and you need medico legal support.

An MDO may offer you other benefits, for example MDA National offers students:
  • On-call medico-legal experts who can help you with any concern
  • Wellbeing support
  • Career guidance and advice
  • Learning and education resources

Your Policy is provided oan annual basis and renews each year. Be sure to keep your contact details up to date with us so that you stay covered.

No. You are not legally required to have individual indemnity insurance until you've graduated. But keep in mind, your university may not cover you in all circumstances.

Incidents might happen while you're on an elective or placement, or even when you help out someone in an emergency. A claim might be made against you by a patient, or there may be a disciplinary investigation into something you've done. A medical defence organisation (MDO) can provide you with guidance and assistance when this happens.

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy is designed to provide you with peace of mind and extensive cover: 

Up to $20 million protection in the aggregate for all claims made under the Policy. This includes civil liability claims arising from your provision of healthcare services as a medical student, Good Samaritan acts worldwide and unintended breaches of privacy legislation*.  

Sublimit of $2,000,000 in the aggregate arising from legal costs and court orders* for:  

  • investigations and inquiries, including disciplinary or administrative proceedings by  
    • a professional Registration body,
    • medical tribunal,
    • Royal Commission,
    • Coroner's Court,
    • Australian Information Commissioner,
    • your university
  • allegations of criminal conduct or sexual misconduct*
  • assistance with self-referral to a health program under the National Law in relation to an impairment that affects your provision of healthcare services or your clinical training  

$50,000 cover for a range of communicable diseases payable as a lump sum one-time payment.* 

Cover for clinical placements, electives and scholarship placements anywhere in the world.^

Policy features tailored to support your transition to internship, including up to 24 months of complimentary cover for: 

  • your final six months as a medical student prior to graduation 
  • electives or pre-intern clinical placements
  • your internship
  • other work you do as a resident/hospital medical officer for the first six months after your internship. 

*Subject to policy terms and conditions as there are specific requirements for this cover.  

^Excluding the United States of America and where US law applies.

For more information on our Medical Student and Final Year Medical Student/Intern categories, please refer to our Risk Category Guide


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MDA National provides timely education to help our Members minimise their medico-legal risk and continually improve their communication and non-clinical skills.

We’ve put together a handful of our resources particularly relevant to interns below. You will also find a series of Podcasts on Apple Music and Spotify.  

Articles and case studies 

Videos / webinar recordings

e-Learning activities

Other resources

  • Head over to the MDA National library to see our full suite of articles, blog posts, webinars and podcasts.


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