Personalised and timely medico-legal advice and support

At every stage of your career, MDA National's team of leading medico-legal advisors are here for you. Every day of every year - and 24/7 in emergencies. No matter how big or small your concern, we can support you with outstanding expertise, compassion and understanding. 

You're never treated as just a number with MDA National. We offer personalised care and will be by your side at each step of the journey. We also match you with the best legal team for your situation. With MDA National, you'll always have peace of mind knowing you've got the best team behind you, so you can focus on providing outstanding patient care.  

Our team isn't just here for you when something goes wrong. We empower our members with knowledge and help them navigate tricky issues they come across - meaning we can help you prevent a claim or complaint from happening in the first place. 

Individualised advice and support

  • Medico-legal helpline, 24 hours in emergencies – always speak to a person, not a machine
  • In-house medico-legal experts who handle every concern, from start to finish
  • Experienced medico-legal advisers and case managers
  • Support in practice and personalised risk management services - so you can prevent a claim from arising
  • Health and wellbeing support with our Doctors for Doctors and Live Well Work Well programs
  • Practical advice and support which is relevant to your career stage and specialty