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Billing under the Medicare system can be tricky, due to the complexity of the MBS and the legislation that underpins the scheme. There has been a gradual increase in audit and compliance activities, and there can be significant consequences if you get it wrong.

At MDA National, we recognise that Medicare compliance rates highly in terms of risk, so we are committed to providing quality educational support and practical advice to our Members and practice policy holders.

Below are some resources you may find useful:

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  • Head over to the MDA National library to see our full suite of articles, blog posts, webinars and podcasts.
  • MDA National has an internal Medicare Committee which aims to facilitate and ensure consistent, high quality and comprehensive management of Medicare related matters and advice.

If you receive any communication about your billing from the Department of Health and Aged Care, or you require assistance with a Medicare issue, please contact our Medico-legal Advisory Services team for information and advice, by phone 1800 011 255 or e-mail