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Beware COVID email scams

Medical practices need to be vigilant about cyber security, including staff use of email. A significant increase in deceptive email schemes relates to COVID-19 themed scams.

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Volunteering at events - what you need to know

Doctors are often asked to help at events - whether you're undertaking a paid or volunteer role, it's important to consider a few factors. 

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When spinal surgery goes wrong

While spinal surgery has successfully helped a great many patients, the outcome can be catastrophic if it goes wrong.


25 Jun 2020

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Mandatory reporting - what's new

On 1 March 2020, the requirements for a treating practitioner to make a mandatory notification to Aphra about a colleague changed. 

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HIV privacy and confidentiality

Discussion with patients regarding how health information will be handled is important in maintaining privacy and confidentiality obligations, as this article shows. 

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Beware Boundary Violations

 A recent Tribunal decision highlighted the importance of maintaining professional boundaries and respecting the dignity of patients.

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Tackling Telehealth

Here's what you need to know about tackling teleheath during COVID-19 and beyond

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Take care with cryotherapy

In this article, Dr Jane Deacon discusses cryotherapy


22 Jun 2020



Telehealth Q&A

Learn from the telehealth questions hospital-based doctors asked MDA National earlier this year. From managing a procedure follow up, to what you need to consider when using a personal phone for a consultation.


27 Jun 2020