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Top 10 tips for interns

Dr Ned Latham, RMO, shares his top 10 tips to help you get started on your internship journey.


Facilitating access to care while keeping safe in a COVID-19 environment

Ahpra have released a position statement for health practitioners providing care to patients in the current COVID-19 environment.


COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme

The Australian Government is implementing a no fault claims scheme to reimburse/compensate people who suffer a moderate to significant impact following an adverse reaction to a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine.


Happy holidays and New Year

We take a look at some of the medico-legal issues you may face this Christmas

Articles & Case Studies

Connecting the dots between sports & medicine

The sport of rowing provided me with many non-clinical skills and attributes which I’ve been able to transfer into medicine, and these have certainly helped make me a better doctor.

Articles & Case Studies

Coping with patient suicide

When Dr A’s practice manager called on her day off from the practice and asked her to find a quiet place to talk, she braced herself for bad news.

Articles & Case Studies

12 commandments to mitigate Ahpra notifications

A cheat sheet for practitioners to help your future self and reduce the risk of patient complaints.

Articles & Case Studies

Winding up your medical practice

The Medical Board’s code of conduct includes certain expectations when closing or relocating your medical practice.



Career complications and contending with uncertainty

Among the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for junior doctors is how to respond to medical training impacts and career uncertainty. In this podcast, Dr Caroline Elton (a psychologist who specialises in helping doctors)and Dr Benjamin Veness (a Psychiatry registrar) share advice for coping with medical training and career delays, disruptions and unknowns.


10 Aug 2020