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Jingle Bells... for Doctors

Dashing out the drive in an eco-friendly car Should be there in five for a patient’s trial of scar Bells on call phones ring, the timing will be tight What fun it is to bring new life into the world tonight

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When everybody drops the ball

Surgeons have a duty of care to their patients in the postoperative period and a delay in the diagnosis of an intraoperative complication is a common cause of surgical claims.  


16 Dec 2019


Are you oversharing on social media?

Fascinated by the plethora of patients and cases, an intern takes a photo of her surroundings and posts it on her Snapchat story with the caption: “just another day at work!” At the bottom of the image, resting on her lap, is a patient’s chart. The intern knows that each person following her online account can only view her story once or twice, and only for a few seconds. However, a colleague screenshots her story and zooms in on the patient’s chart ...


My Health Record - are your policies up to date?

Some practices registered under the My Health Record (MHR) system are being asked to produce their organisation’s policies on access to and secure use of the MHR system. 

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Ethical electives

An overseas elective can present moral dilemmas - here's how to keep it enjoyable and ethical

Employment Essentials

26 Nov 2019

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A global perspective on doctor mental health

Dr Caroline Elton talks about the current state of doctors' wellbeing and the need for sustained leadership across organisations

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Clinical photography gone wrong

All too easily, clinical photographs can accidentally be sent to the wrong place – with potentially serious consequences

Articles & Case Studies

A fit and proper person, or not?

A medical practitioner must be able to deal with the suggestion that he or she may have made a mistake in an open and forthright manner