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Advertising COVID-19 vaccines

Usually, vaccines cannot be advertised to consumers and medicines cannot be endorsed by health practitioners, but in the context of the pandemic, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has relaxed the rules for COVID-19 vaccines. In March 2021, the TGA allowed use of government-produced COVID-19 vaccine advertising and factual service information; and in June 2021 extended this to allow advertisers to develop their own advertising material.

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Ahpra's new approach to managing notifications

Ahpra has been resetting its approach to managing notifications – enabling the Board to close concerns about low-risk practitioners faster

Articles & Case Studies

Don’t let a black mark stain your reputation

MDA National continues to receive numerous notifications from GPs and practices arising from the administration of intravenous iron

Articles & Case Studies

Your guide to navigating family disputes

Family disputes usually involve heightened emotions – so patient complaints are possible if the situation is not carefully managed

Articles & Case Studies

Empowering the medical leaders of tomorrow

The value of medical leadership is becoming increasingly recognised and was highlighted further through the COVID-19 crisis

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Feeling like an imposter?

Imposter phenomenon (IP) mainly afflicts high achievers and people with perfectionist tendencies

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The angry patient

Be aware that behind a patient’s anger, there may be other emotions such as pain, fear or worry...

Articles & Case Studies

Keeping an eye on patient privacy

One of our Members recently contacted us about an unusual request from the police



Career complications and contending with uncertainty

Among the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for junior doctors is how to respond to medical training impacts and career uncertainty. In this podcast, Dr Caroline Elton (a psychologist who specialises in helping doctors)and Dr Benjamin Veness (a Psychiatry registrar) share advice for coping with medical training and career delays, disruptions and unknowns.


10 Aug 2020