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Supporting you in getting the best start to your internship, so you can keep on striving as your career progresses

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As a final year student/intern, you are the future of Australia’s healthcare system – and MDA National will be by your side providing the support and advice you need, when you need it.

Over these next few years, your hands will be full with training, long hours and the many responsibilities that come with being a doctor. You want to be certain that you have expert medico-legal protection, because the last thing you need to worry about is a complaint or claim that could have lasting consequences in the future.

For close to 100 years, MDA National has protected countless medical professionals through every stage of their career. Today, we’re here to provide you with that same peace of mind so you can keep on excelling as your career progresses.

Why do you need your own cover?

As a doctor working in a public hospital, you are likely to have access to indemnity through your employer or state government. However, hospital indemnity may not cover you in all situations. Without your own professional indemnity, you could be liable to personally fund certain medico-legal matters not covered under the indemnity provided by your employer. It is crucial that you have access to independent medico-legal advice, or a second opinion, to protect your best interests.

Some matters we commonly assist junior doctors with include:

  • medical college training disputes; 
  • medico-legal advice, including ethical dilemmas, police statements, confidentiality and privacy queries;
  • Ahpra health complaints or investigations; 
  • bullying and harassment; and 
  • coronial inquests. 

Reasons why interns called us for advice



Advice/Ethical Dilemma

 medical records


Employment Issues

 doctor patient relationship


Medical Records

 practice management


Clinical Incident

 medico-legal report





How to choose the right Medical Defence Organisation (MDO)


We have prepared a guide on choosing the right medical defence organisation so you can focus on providing outstanding care at each stage of your career.

  • Why do doctors need medical indemnity insurance?
  • Why do you need your own cover?
  • How to choose the best medical defence organisation for you



Why interns choose MDA National?

At MDA National, we understand the challenges you may face in medicine today and in your career ahead. We proactively support more than 60% of the country’s doctors in training* with competitive professional indemnity premiums, industry-leading education, career development, our Ambassador Program, and regular networking opportunities.
With MDA National you are a click or phone call away from industry-leading doctors, lawyers and medical defence experts – always responsive, always confidential, always on your side. Some of our Member benefits include: 

indemnity cover expert medico-legal advice  CPD learningCPD learning
Complimentary Professional Indemnity
Expert medico-legal advice
Tailored on-demand education

Have peace of mind that you're covered for medical board proceedings, coronial investigations and hospital enquiries


Our team of medico-legal specialists are here to help you with independent, unbiased advice and support Explore our webinars, videos, blogs and podcasts on topics relevant to junior doctors, including applying for junior doctor positions, physical contact, patient communication and informed consent.
information on the go
Professional Development
Career Development
Health and Wellbeing

Upskill you in the key competencies of Leadership, Clinical Governance, and the 3 C’s of professional development: Communication, Culture & Collaboration 


To support you as you plan your career and prepare for medical officer interviews
Provide you with a complimentary series of health and wellbeing webinars and facilitated group sessions, focusing on mental health and wellbeing
   medico-legal report  
Special offers and discounts
Medico-legal blog insights and news
MDA National app
Save money on medical textbooks, equipment, and interview coaching with our Member-exclusive discounts Stay updated with the latest medico-legal issues to be well-informed and prepared as you start your medical career journey Quickly and easily look up medico-legal FAQs, view your policy information, or connect with a medico-legal expert via LiveChat


Not a Member?

Apply now for MDA National professional indemnity insurance, providing you with peace of mind and extensive cover.

What am I covered for?

Your extensive MDA National Professional Indemnity covers you for civil claims, employment disputes, representation at a coronial inquiry and a wide range of medico-legal matters.

The following table is a brief summary of covers and limits. The summary wording should not be relied on as a full description of cover. Please refer to the Policy Wording† for full details of terms and conditions:

Aggregate Limit of Cover for all Claims* 
  • Defend you in civil legal proceedings brought by patients
  • Defend you in civil proceedings alleging breach of privacy
  • Defend you in civil proceedings arising from telehealth
  • Defend you in civil proceedings when you have been acting as a good Samaritan
  • Defend you in some civil proceedings whilst practicing overseas for limited time
  • Defend you in civil proceedings arising from clinical trials
  • Defend you against allegations of defamation
  • Defend your practice in civil proceedings
  • Pay the legal costs of defending you in professional negligence and some civil liability matters
  • Pay civil damages you are ordered to pay in professional negligence and civil liability matters
  • Pay costs you are ordered to pay

$20 million
 We will...
Aggregate Sub-limits*
  • Represent you and pay legal costs when you are investigated by Ahpra or a professional services review committee
  • Represent you and pay legal costs in inquiries relating to provision of healthcare services
  • Represent you and pay legal costs when self-referring regarding a health impairment
  • Pay costs you are ordered to pay with respect to covers for investigations and inquiries
  • Represent you and pay legal costs in defending allegations of some sexual misconduct and criminal matters

$2 million

  • Represent you and pay legal costs in certain employment, credentialing and training disputes
$100,000 but for claims by you for unpaid remuneration we will not pay more than the amount reasonably sought by you
  • Represent you and pay legal costs when you are defamed
$100,000 (with Excess of $20,000)
  • Represent you and pay legal costs in obtaining AVOs on your behalf
  • Defend you against imposed fines and penalties for breach of Privacy Act
  • Pay fines and penalties imposed on you for breach of Privacy Act
  • Pay notification costs for breach of Privacy Act

  • Compensate you when you contract certain communicable diseases
$100,000 for Medical Practitioner

  • Pay you for loss of income in some circumstances
$20,000 (with a maximum of $2,000 per day for up to 10 days)
  • Cover you for loss of documents

*Provided that the Maximum Limit of Indemnity is not exceeded.
†A copy of the Policy Wording is available at 

For more information please read our Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy Combined Financial Services Guide (FSG), Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording and Supplementary FSG and PDS including Amendments to the Policy Wording from our Download Center.


Webinars and Videos

Do you know what constitutes a breach of confidentiality? Do you know how to manage inappropriate requests and maintain appropriate professional boundaries?

In this webinar, you will learn about managing boundaries and issues around confidentiality with patients. We will cover specific case scenarios such as accessing medical records of an ex-partner, senior colleague asking for a script for opioids, sharing videos of resus on social media, as well as answer your questions.

This webinar was recorded on 8 April 2020.

The information in this webinar recording and related resources is provided as a guide only and MDA National accepts no responsibility for how it may apply to your personal situation.

General enquiries or comments relating to this webinar should be emailed to

If you have a specific medico-legal query freecall 1800 011 255 or complete our Contact us form. This is a service for MDA National Members.

Yes, you can!  Most MDO’s provide complimentary membership and insurance cover for medical students, interns and doctors in training. We believe it is important that you have the option of signing up with multiple providers to experience the service and benefits offered. This will help you decide which MDO you prefer to remain with for your future medico-legal and professional indemnity needs.
Yes.  If you hold membership and insurance with multiple providers you can choose which MDO you obtain medico legal advice from in each instance. 
You can contact multiple MDO’s to obtain medico legal advice. If you have obtained advice from one MDO and the matter progresses to a claim or investigation, it is recommended that you continue to allow that MDO to continue to manage that matter.  

If you hold insurance policies with more than one MDO to cover your medical practice, you can claim indemnity from whichever MDO you choose.   However you cannot claim from more than one MDO’s for the same matter. The concept of ‘dual insurance’ is covered under legislation in the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) (Act). Dual insurance occurs when a person is insured against the same risk with two different insurers.

Insurance policies also include ‘other insurance’ clauses that exclude or limit an insurer's liability if the policy holder has cover available under another policy. While this is a standard exclusion under professional indemnity policies, it can only be applied to the extent allowed under law and as outlined in the Act. If both policies exclude cover through ‘other insurance’ provisions, the clauses cancel each other out, and both policies can respond.

This means the MDO who handles and incurs the costs of the claim can seek contribution from the other MDO. The contribution is negotiated between the two insurers and should not have any impact on you as the member or policy holder. 

As an intern, you will have access to cover through your employer or the State Government however, hospital indemnity may not provide the broad cover you need. Without your own indemnity cover, you could be liable to personally fund some medico-legal matters.

It is important you have access to independent legal advice or a second opinion to protect your best interests. Focus on your internship knowing that MDA National will support you in the moments that matter, so you can keep on striving as your career progresses. 

Read more about the importance of medical indemnity

As a new doctor, you're still learning and as an intern, you're likely to experience a number of first-time experiences such as:

•  your first coroners request or death certificate 

•  providing your first police statement

•  bullying from a colleague, harassment from a patient or a dispute with your employer

•  a medical board complaint or investigation

These scenarios are just a few examples of the many situations where you may find yourself unsure how to proceed or where to go for help. MDA National’s priority is to support you in these moments. We’re here to guide you through your journey as a medical professional, 24/7. To find out more about when you should call MDA National, read our “Don’t sweat the small stuff” article here.

MDA National will be there for you in the moments that matter, so that you can keep on excelling as your career progresses.

MDA National’s biannual Member publication, Defence Update, contains the latest medico-legal updates, articles and case studies based on our industry insights and experience.






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