Our Governance

MDA National Limited (MDA National) is a longstanding mutual Medical Defence Organisation (MDO).

MDA National was established in 1925 to support, protect and promote the interests of our Members.

As a Member service organisation, we operate under the MDA National Constitution. 

MDA National owns MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd, the Medical Indemnity Insurer, which issues Professional Indemnity Insurance and Practice Indemnity Policies to Members and insureds. Together, the two entities make up the MDA National Group.

AGM Election Results

MDA National recently held an election for four directorships on the Mutual Board. The results were announced at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, 26 November 2021.


We are happy to advise that the following Members have been elected to our Mutual Board:


  • Dr Michael Gannon– re-elected
  • Dr Mellissa Naidoo – re-elected
  • Dr Simon Benson – re-elected
  • Dr Genevieve Yates – new to the Board


Special thanks to Dr Andrew Miller


On his retirement from the Mutual Board, we extend a very special thanks to Dr Andrew Miller, who did not stand for re-election due to tenure limitations. Dr Miller has served on the Mutual Board since 1988, has been a member of the Insurance Board since 2015 and has been a long-term member of the Western Cases Committee, a role he will continue to take up.


Dr Miller’s deep understanding of our business and the Australian medical indemnity market and his passionate advocacy on behalf of the profession has enabled him to make a significant contribution to MDA National and the market more generally during his many years of tenure.


Warm welcome to Dr Genevieve Yates


We also welcome Dr Genevieve Yates to the Mutual Board.


Dr Yates has worked as a GP in regional Queensland, NSW and Victoria and is currently practising in Ballarat, Victoria. She has combined clinical work with various medical educator, regulatory, medical writing and leadership roles.  Dr Yates worked full time as RACGP's General Manager of Education from January 2020 to March 2021 and has held previous positions including Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee Pre-Fellowship Education, a performance assessor for AHPRA and Associate Director of Training at North Coast GP Training.  Further as a member of the MDA National facilitator team since 2013 Dr Yates has presented over 100 medicolegal educational sessions for MDA National.


Dr Yates likes to combine medicine and creativity, and has had several short stories, a novel and a play published, a short film produced, and five plays as well as a musical staged.

Steve Sheppard

Acting CEO

The MDA National Group

 MDA National Limited - the mutual association MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd - the insurer 
  • Owned by Members
  • Provides Membership and support services
  • Advocates on behalf of the interests of Members and the medical
  • Wholly owns MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd
  • Governed by a Mutual Board
  • The majority of its Directors are Member-elected.  
  • Issues professional indemnity policies to medical practices, practitioners
    and medical students and dentists
  • Regulated insurer and wholly owned subsidiary of MDA National Limited
  • Governed by MDA National’s Insurance Board
  • Regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
  • Authorised by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)
    to deal in and provide financial product advice on general insurance products
    via an Australian Financial Services Licence
  • Participating company of the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Our Boards

The MDA National Group is led by two Boards to ensure our Members' and insureds' needs are met, and that our commercial, compliance and regulatory requirements are upheld. Our Boards operate under specific charters:


Mutual Board Insurance Board
Comprises a majority of elected doctor Members

Responsible for:

  • monitoring the financial performance of MDA National Insurance and its investment in that entity
  • approving the overall strategic objectives for the Group
  • appointing the Directors and monitoring the performance of MDA National Insurance’s Board 
  • setting the philosophy and providing input on medical issues.

  • Appointed by MDA National
  • Majority independent Directors, including the Chairman
  • Complies with APRA’s “fit and proper” requirements of being a Director of a licensed general insurer

  • Responsible for:
    • implementing the Group’s strategic goals and objective
    • issuing policies of indemnity to MDA National Members and insureds
    • performing the operational requirements of MDA National under a Service Agreement
    • employing all management and staff.


    The President's Blog

    Written by MDA National's elected president, Dr Micheal Gannon, The President's Blog is an update from your president on all industry and membership news and activity.