Annual Report

We're pleased to present you with MDA National's 2021 Annual Report:  Clear Purpose, Future Focus. 

Read our 2021 Annual Report for an overview of our activities, operations and financial performance over the past year. 

The 2020/2021 financial year was challenging for both MDA National and our valued Members. COVID-19 continued to impact the ability of health practitioners to care for their patients. 

Throughout these challenging times, we have listened and responded to Members’ needs, providing the relevant resources and support. 

Our staff have also been working under trying circumstances. They have upheld high standards of service in extended lockdowns, while possibly juggling ‘home schooling’ children and maintaining  work-life balance. We thank them for their unwavering dedication to our Members.  

Here are some key highlights from the year. 

  • Retained 97% of our practising senior doctor Members 
  • Our in-house medico-legal team responded to 9,750 enquiries 
  • There were 16,422 visits to the COVID-19 resource hub 
  • Our Support in Practice team assisted 1,190 Members 
  • We introduced a new MDA National Medicare Committee 
  • Achieved a record number of 8,300 podcast listens for our Education activities 
  • Introduced the MDA National app, making it easier for our Members to access crucial information   
  • Launched the Junior Doctor Advisory Committee


As we move towards a century of existence, with a clear purpose of supporting and protecting doctors and promoting good medical practice, we promise to continue to evolve with a future focus to meet the changing needs of the medical profession – looking forward optimistically to a time when both a sense of calm and our freedoms are restored.

If you would like a hard copy of the annual report, please email