Our Performance

We're pleased to present you with MDA National's 2020 Annual Report: Stronger Together, Now and Into the Future.

Read our 2020 Annual Report for an overview of our activities, operations and financial performance over the past year. 

Annual Report Highlights 

Here are some of our highlights from the past year. 

  • Froze premium increases for 99% of our Members for 2020/21, to assist with the financial impacts of COVID-19*
  • Advocated to State and Federal Governments and hospitals to provide a safer working environment for healthcare workers
  • Expanded assistance for Members experiencing hardship due to COVID-19
  • Assisted Members with a record-breaking 9,303 medico-legal enquiries
  • Launched our COVID-19 support hub to inform Members on medico-legal issues relating to COVID-19. The site saw >50,000 unique visits
  • Increased urgency to create additional educational resources including the delivery of a COVID-19 focused live webinar ‘Pandemic Practicalities’ 
  • Over 96% of Members renewed their membership, reflecting the positive sentiment towards MDA National
  • Enhanced our online services platform for easier Member access and interactions


If you would like a hard copy of the annual report, please email marketing@mdanational.com.au.  


*Less than 1% of Members received an increase due to their claims experience, nature of practice, level of billings or risk profile.