Annual Report

We’re pleased to present you with MDA National’s 2023 Annual Report: On Purpose.

Read our 2023 Annual Report for an overview of our activities, operations and financial performance over the past year. 

As we head towards 100 years of service to our Members, MDA National remains committed to delivering on its purpose: to support and protect Members and promote good medical practice.

We are proud that, in spite of the continued challenges of operating in a high-inflation environment, and in the face of ever-increasing claims, we have delivered strong financial results that allow us to continue to provide the protection that our Members need.

Our staff never lose sight of our function as a membership organisation, ensuring our Members remain at the heart of everything we do. As a united team and individually, we are focused on supporting our Members so they can continue to provide safe patient care with confidence and peace of mind. In this 2022 / 2023 annual report, we hear from a handful of our dedicated staff who exemplify our commitment to deliver on our purpose and provide unwavering care.

Here are some highlights to note from the 2022/23 financial year:

  • Retained over 95% of our practising senior doctor Members
  • Our in-house medico-legal team responded to 8,579 enquiries
  • Achieved 7.7% growth in employer indemnified Members
  • Received a further 2,511 registrations to our Junior Doctor Keep on Program
  • Executed a 32% increase in Support in Practice site visits
  • Enhanced our digital service platform to improve Member experience


We would like to take this opportunity to pay our respects to past President Dr Rod Moore who passed away on Thursday 21st September 2023. Dr Moore tirelessly delivered many years of service to MDA National, not only as President, but also serving on a number of committees. Dr Moore was a passionate and dedicated individual and gave of his time freely. He was always ready and available to meet or communicate with our Members, holding their best interests at heart.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to family and friends and thank Dr Moore for his outstanding and selfless contribution to MDA National.

And to our Members, we thank you for your commitment to provide quality medical care to your patients and for entrusting MDA National to protect your career and reputation.


 Dr Michael Gannon Signature SVG  Ian Anderson Signature SVG
Dr Michael Gannon
President, MDA National

 Mr Ian Anderson
CEO, MDA National