MDA National conducts regular research to understand how our organisation is perceived by our Members and the medical community.

Hear what our Members have to say about the support and unwavering care they have received from MDA National

Research from our 2017 Member Survey indicated that:

  • 90% of Member participants feel supported by our team of medico-legal experts
  • 87% feel we provide exceptional service.


I have been a Member of MDA National since I was a medical student. I didn't think I would need their help, but over the years from junior doctor to consultant I have been able to access expert advice and support for a range of issues. MDA National has also been a strong advocate and supporter of doctors' health and wellbeing – an essential part of our career longevity and peace of mind.

I have chosen MDA National to be my indemnity provider because I trust that I will be looked after both as a doctor and a person. Through my role with the PMLC, I have had the opportunity to work alongside a number of MDA National’s staff and they have always impressed me with their professionalism, knowledge and commitment to supporting the medical profession. I feel confident that if I was ever in the unfortunate position of needing their assistance, it would be provided quickly, compassionately and expertly.

Twice in my internship year I have contacted MDA National – once for advice on responding to a request for an expert certificate for the police and once regarding a request from my hospital to participate in a root cause analysis. On both occasions I was extremely impressed by the speed, quality and thoroughness of the advisers' responses. I will definitely be renewing my Membership next year, as I am confident that MDA National has my back.

I am part of MDA National because … I like to be safe and secure. In our profession you have to be vigilant at all times. You want to be able to sleep at night without worry. MDA National’s risk management education resources are fantastic because they focus on ensuring good patient care and minimising risk in your everyday practice.

MDA National's annual medico-legal forums are extremely well thought out, pertinent and very useful to the profession. These educational initiatives are of benefit to all Members, from medical students right through to senior experienced doctors.

MDA National has a real understanding of the medical profession. In my role as MDA National's Mutual Board Vice President, I have had quite a bit to do with the claims and advisory teams who provide medico-legal advice and support for Members, and I have always found them to be highly experienced and compassionate. They’re always available and always ready to look after a Member. Additionally, they have empathy and understanding for the daily challenges in the life of a medical professional.

I returned to MDA National because … I wanted genuine support. One of the things I like about MDA National is that they’re always looking for ways to help us minimise risk. Whether it’s through their educational seminars or their regular publications, they are always offering practical advice. It’s encouraging and reassuring to know they are committed to looking after my best interests.

MDA National makes a point of looking at what’s happening in the real world. Essentially, they are looking at problems or cases within the medical profession and advising other Members on how they can avoid similar situations. The advice available at MDA National covers many aspects of our profession, whether it’s keeping good medical records or advising on more complex medico-legal issues. I have always been pleased with how accessible MDA National has been when I have sought advice.

I am part of MDA National because … they offer grassroots support through training and advocacy of junior doctors. They supported many societies and organisations that I was involved in during medical school, and these play a valuable role in the development of junior doctors. As my career grows, MDA National’s training and advocacy programs provide ongoing educational opportunities.

Indemnity is a topic of apprehension for a lot of junior doctors, but MDA National’s educational programs offered me great reassurance. It was good to hear colleagues talk about their experiences. It gave me confidence that MDA National has an understanding of the profession and will understand my situation if they ever need to support me.

MDA National has always been a personal, familiar face to a personal service, and has taken an interest in my career aspirations and goals. I've been fortunate enough not to require their services in a professional capacity for indemnity advice or defence as yet, but it’s reassuring to know MDA National is on my side.

I have been with MDA National since the beginning of my medical career. They offer unparalleled support by highly qualified, empathic and knowledgeable staff.

I've been with MDA National Insurance since 2001, and have always found them to do a very good job for Members. They offer extremely strong educational services and sound risk management advice. MDA National are local and approachable and they offer excellent advice on relatively minor things. No question is too trivial if it is causing concern. .

I am part of MDA National because …
They stay true to their mantra of supporting, protecting and promoting doctors. The best cure is prevention, and MDA National are dedicated to education and training. They put a lot of effort and money towards delivering high quality education including medico-legal forums and online modules. No other insurer really competes in that sense. They have an entire department dedicated to education and it really resonates with members.

The people at MDA National really put effort into getting to know you and they treat you like a person not a transaction. They focus on being human and real. They really do just want to sit and chat and have a coffee, and get to know you and your unique situation. In my eyes this makes MDA National stand out from the crowd.

MDA National has provided me with amazing support and guidance with medico-legal expertise, from when I was a student and now as a doctor. They go above and beyond to assist medical professionals with their concerns. The support given is something you don’t get from other Medical Defence Organisations.

MDA National has been an invaluable, continuous support throughout my medical career.  Their commitment to helping promote junior doctor education is of a high standard. On a personal level, MDA National has provided wonderful support in my own endeavours to improve junior doctor wellbeing and mentoring. MDA National is an organisation that is not only efficient, productive and friendly, but one that has my total trust. 

I joined MDAWA (as it was known then) the day after I graduated from UWA 50 years ago. I’ve been fortunate in only requiring professional assistance from MDA National on a couple of occasions over the past 50 years, but it has been an enormous comfort knowing the medico-legal support was always available. Having had the privilege of serving on MDAWA council for many years, I’ve seen the excellent professional support the organisation has provided to our Members when needed.

While MDA National is now an Australia-wide organisation, WA Members are represented by locally elected members of the Board who are very knowledgeable in medical issues relevant to WA. I have no hesitation in recommending MDA National to all practising doctors in WA and around the country.

My MDA National continues to support the development of professional, safe and ethically sound practices from medical school, through residency and to my future as a GP registrar and beyond.

I benefit greatly from their education offerings and wellbeing events. First Defence and Student eNews helpfully convey intriguing case studies and insights into how our peers deal with dilemmas, also allowing me to share my own experiences to help promote doctors’ welfare and serve as a reminder to enjoy the lighter side of this challenging profession.

While establishing good medical practice should serve to protect me and my patients from unnecessary harm and hassle through the mitigation of risks, I know that by belonging to MDA National I can access a wealth of expert medico-legal advice and connect with a friendly network of supporters during difficult or uncertain times throughout my medical career. I wouldn’t be without my MDA National.

MDA has supported us every step of the way in our journey as GP practice owners. We already knew they offered great service and advice to us as practising GPs, but as practice policy holders, we have found their expertise to be invaluable.’ - Maria and Fiona.