Junior Doctor Advisory Committee

Our Junior Doctor Advisory Committee (JDAC) is a national committee made up of doctors in training who represent their peers from internship through pre-fellowship.

The JDAC is an important platform for doctors in training to share industry issues and challenges relevant to junior doctors. These insights provide better understanding and inform initiatives that respond to the unique needs of Members in the early stages of their careers.

If you are interested in learning more about the JDAC or want to get involved, contact your local Business Development representative.

Junior Doctor Advisory Committee Members:

  • Dr Hash Abdeen (Chair), Rheumatology & General Medicine Advanced Trainee, QLD
  • Dr Carsten Broeze, Paediatrics Advanced Trainee, WA
  • Dr Jaffly Chen, Hospital Locum, NSW
  • Dr Jemma Ford, Radiology Registrar, WA
  • Dr Rekha Ravutha Gounden, Surgical Resident Medical Officer, SA
  • Dr Sikta Samantray, Resident Medical Officer, QLD