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MDA National Mutual Board Election

Calling for nominations – MDA National Mutual Board

As a doctor owned organisation, our purpose is to support and protect our Members and promote good medical practice, so that our Members can keep on practising with confidence.

The challenging and demanding situations created by the COVID-19 pandemic, has highlighted how important it is to have a strong board that can represent our Members.

The MDA National Limited Mutual Board election is an opportunity for you to support your colleagues, in the moments that matter and to be a part of an organisation that has the wellbeing and interests of doctors at heart.

In terms of the MDA National Constitution, 3 Mutual Board Directors are due to retire at the 2020 Annual General Meeting as part of the standard rotation of directors (Drs Rod Moore and David Gilpin and A/Prof Michael Hollands) and subject to any eligibility and tenure limitations as contained in the Constitution, Charter and Regulations of MDA National, may be eligible to stand for re-election. 

Dr Gilpin and A/Prof Hollands have indicated that they will be standing for re-election and due to Constitutional requirements regarding tenure, Dr Moore has advised that he will not stand for re-election.

MDA National is inviting nominations of eligible voting members to stand as candidates for election for office.

As a guide to candidates, beneficial to the role would be previous experience in a corporate governance role (not necessarily in the medical industry - whilst experience in medical practice is valuable this is a governance role, not a clinical role).  Nominees should have a commitment to developing a deep understanding of the medical defence industry and are expected to have the time required to undertake the roles and responsibilities of a director and, subject to travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19, have the capacity to attend at least 4 meetings outside of their home state per year.  In addition, as part of nomination process, to allow nominees the opportunity to consider the duties of the role, they will be required to attend an interview with the Mutual Board’s Election Committee.

If not already obtained, successfully elected directors will be expected to complete within their first year of tenure, the company directors course from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (of which up to 50% of the costs will be reimbursed).

Eligibility criteria to stand for election are detailed in the Constitution, Regulations and Charter of MDA National Limited which can be downloaded via Online Services or you can request a copy by emailing returningofficer@mdanational.com.au.

For further information about the director role, you are invited to contact directors of the Mutual Board, details of which can be obtained from the Returning Officer.  

Nominations are now being called from eligible candidates for the election of:

Mutual Board Director (3)

Nominations will be accepted from Wednesday 16 September 2020.

Nomination Instructions

CorpVote, on behalf of MDA National, will be managing the nomination process and, if required, the 2020 election. 

In order to lodge a nomination, you must first register your details. Register at: https://www.netvote2.com.au/n/NZoUmr    

Nominations must be received by 11.59pm WST Wednesday 30 September 2020.  Should an election be necessary, voting will close at 11.59 WST Monday 16 November 2020.

Help & Support Information

For nomination support please contact CorpVote on 1300 147 797 or support@corpvote.com.au.

Have you changed your address?

If so, please advise by calling 1800 011 225 or emailing peaceofmind@mdanational.com.au to update your details.