Why MDA National?

With MDA National you can expect the highest level of medico-legal expertise and comprehensive cover – because that is our core focus.  

Providing protection to our Members for over 95 years, we remain committed to supporting you in the moments that matter, so you can keep on practising with confidence and providing outstanding patient care.

Benefit from personalised and timely medico-legal advice and support


  • Dedicated in-house medico-legal advisers and case managers
  • Always on call & responsive
  • Matching you with the best legal team suited to your specific case
  • Unwavering Member care

You are protected by extensive indemnity insurance cover


  • Comprehensive Professional Indemnity cover
  • Access your Policy information, Member services and resources on the go

Access proactive risk prevention education programs


  • CPD accredited education and resources tailored to your needs
  • Professional development training
  • Industry events

The peace of mind that comes with being part of the financially strong and sustainable member base organisation


  • Low operating expenses and no bonuses to staff
  • Active risk management programs
  • Long-term sustainability of the revenue stream and investment philosophy


Personalised and timely medico-legal advice and support

We are owned and governed by doctors, caring for the well-being and interests of doctors. Our purpose is to support, protect and promote good medical practice.
We deliver this by providing the industry's most expert advice, professional resources, and ongoing support services, so you can keep on practicing with confidence and providing outstanding patient care.

With MDA National you will have the same medico-legal adviser manage your query until it is resolved. Our Case Managers have a genuine understanding and care for how a claim may impact on your health and well-being. They will support you throughout your claim experience, ensuring ongoing support after the process is resolved.

We are your on-call advice and support team for any concern, big or small.  When you call, you won’t be kept on hold or put through a triage system, you’ll speak immediately with one of our experienced medico-legal advisers.

We recognise an emergency can happen at any time, which is why our phone service is available 24/7. You may also choose to email your query or live chat with our experts via the MDA National app. Regardless of how you choose to contact us, we will always be responsive.

Each incident is unique and requires a lawyer whose expertise is suited to your specific case. We are not limited to one organisation and search for the best in the market, to guarantee you are provided with the advice and knowledge you need.
Unwavering Member care - As a member-owned orgsanisation, we exist solely to support our Members by delivering unrivalled service and expert advice. Whether it’s a call to one of our Medico-legal or Member Service advisers, or supporting you through a stressful malpractice case or investigation, we will always be focused on you as an individual first.

Extensive indemnity insurance cover

Our ongoing success is attributed to our unique understanding of the medical profession, and the professional indemnity insurance needs of doctors.

You can have peace of mind knowing you have the protection of comprehensive cover that has been designed specifically for public and private practising doctors  with maximum protection from complaints and claims. Our policies are regularly reviewed to ensure you are appropriately covered as the professional risks you face evolve. Our approach for providing extensive cover continues in our Practice Policy, designed to protect your practice and staff. 

Your extensive MDA National Professional Indemnity covers you for civil claims, employment disputes, representation at a coronial inquiry and a wide range of medico-legal matters.

The following table is a brief summary of covers and limits. The summary wording should not be relied on as a full description of cover. Please refer to the Policy Wording† for full details of terms and conditions:

We will.. Aggregate Limit of Cover for all Claims 
  • Defend you in civil legal proceedings brought by patients
  • Defend you in civil proceedings alleging breach of privacy
  • Defend you in civil proceedings arising from telehealth
  • Defend you in civil proceedings when you have been acting as a good Samaritan
  • Defend you in some civil proceedings whilst practicing overseas for limited time
  • Defend you in civil proceedings arising from clinical trials
  • Defend you against allegations of defamation
  • Defend your practice in civil proceedings
  • Pay the legal costs of defending you in professional negligence and some civil liability matters
  • Pay civil damages you are ordered to pay in professional negligence and civil liability matters
  • Pay costs you are ordered to pay

$20 million
 We will...
Aggregate Sub-limits*
  • Represent you and pay legal costs when you are investigated by a registration board
  • Represent you and pay legal costs in inquiries relating to provision of healthcare services
  • Represent you and pay legal costs when self-referring regarding a health impairment
  • Pay costs you are ordered to pay with respect to covers for investigations and inquiries
  • Represent you and pay legal costs in defending allegations of some sexual misconduct and criminal matters

$2 million

  • Represent you and pay legal costs in certain employment, credentialing and training disputes
$100,000 but for claims by you for unpaid remuneration we will not pay more than the amount reasonably sought by you
  • Represent you and pay legal costs when you are defamed
$100,000 (with Excess of $20,000)
  • Represent you and pay legal costs in obtaining AVOs on your behalf
  • Defend you against imposed fines and penalties for breach of Privacy Act
  • Pay fines and penalties imposed on you for breach of Privacy Act
  • Pay notification costs for breach of Privacy Act

  • Compensate you when you contract certain communicable diseases
$100,000 for Medical Practitioner

  • Pay you for loss of income in some circumstances
$20,000 (with a maximum of $2,000 per day for up to 10 days)
  • Cover you for loss of documents

*Provided that the Maximum Limit of Indemnity is not exceeded.
†A copy of the Policy Wording is available at mdanational.com.au/Downloads. 

For more information please read our Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy Combined Financial Services Guide (FSG), Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording and Supplementary FSG and PDS including Amendments to the Policy Wording from our Download Center.

Connect to what’s important anywhere, anytime, through our Member Online platform and MDA National app. Quickly and easily view your policy information, download your certificate of currency, access member services and educational resources,  and chat with one of our medico-legal or member service advisors via livechat. 

Access proactive risk prevention education programs

Providing the industry's best advice, resources and expertise is integral to help our Members keep on practising with confidence.

Gain invaluable insight on protecting your practice from cyber-attacks, privacy and consent, telehealth risks and responsibilities, prescribing opiods and more. Or ask us to organise a subject expert for your own event.

We offer educational topics and formats to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our education activities include:

Members enjoy complimentary, CPD-recognised education activities.

The activities:

  • have Members involved in content development
  • enable you to make practical changes to improve your work
  • upskill you in areas related to medico-legal complaints claims and queries.


Suggest a topic for an education activity.

Have a question about our education?
Email your query or call us on 1800 011 255.

Access to tailored training and development programs including

  • Communication skills
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Managing difficult conversations and difficult people
    • Negotiating & Influencing
    • Motivating and engaging others
  • Leadership
    • Decision-Making for Individuals and Groups
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Assertiveness in the workplace
    • The art of effective feedback
  • Career Development
  • Health & Wellbeing support and resources
In addition to hosting our own events such as medico-legal round tables and CPD accredited education, we participate in supporting the profession across the country via sponsorship, and by providing education to the broader medical profession.

Financial strength and sustainability

As a doctor-owned organisation, MDA National’s priority remains to provide timely, practical and expert medico-legal support and advice. We are committed to supporting you in the moments that matter, so you can keep on practising with confidence, providing outstanding patient care.

Whilst the medical profession in Australia and overseas continues to be impacted by the rising cost (and frequency) of claims, MDA National’s strong financial position and prudent financial management ensures Members claims are covered over the long term, protecting our Members now and into the future.

We have introduced a more sophisticated, data driven and granular pricing approach. The premium you pay is to cover your personal circumstances and risk profile. You won’t ever be offered a premium looking to make profit.

We have implemented an active program to manage and minimise the risk and future claims costs of those who have been identified as needing tailored assistance to manage their personal risk profile.
  • Long-term sustainability- We ensure a sustainable revenue stream and sufficient liquidity to continue to serve Members and to fulfil our financial obligations to insureds, creditors and staff in line with our purpose and vision.
  • Reducing Volatility- On-going monitoring of the portfolio is being undertaken by management to ensure that volatility is minimized and that the target holding is met.
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) beliefs- MDA National is committed to our purpose and to a healthier future for our Members, their patients and our staff supported by a values driven culture and by acting on our responsibility to ensure sustainability of the environment and ethical social and governance practices.

  • Lowest Expense Ratios- We have reduced our operating costs significantly in recent years (our expense ratio is now below industry standard). This has been done without impacting MDA National’s market leading service offering.