Our Online Community Guidelines

Digital communication is one of the many touch points we actively generate between our Members, policyholders, stakeholders and industry. You’re welcome to post relevant comments, photos and feedback. We trust your participation will be constructive, healthy and on-topic in accordance with our Community Guidelines: 

  • Language – please don’t use language or images that are rude or offensive. Sometimes text may not convey the spirit in which your comment is intended, e.g. sarcasm or humour, so please maintain a reasonable tone.
  • Consideration – please consider and respect the views and beliefs of others who visit this site, even if you feel strongly about an issue. Avoid anything that is defamatory, libellous and fraudulent or could be considered harassment.
  • Permission – if you post content that’s not your own, please ensure you have permission from the owner first.
  • Privacy – don’t post personal information in comments such as contact details or any other private details which may relate to you or others, especially not your patients.
  • Protect your patients – please avoid posting information about patients. If you feel you must, then please obtain the patient’s written consent and provide this to MDA National before submitting your post.
  • No SPAM please – this includes posts that are excessively repetitive, contain shameless marketing messages, or that promote other products or services.

Quality Control

Creating an open, interesting and collaborative digital environment is imperative to us. We will remove material posted on our page that’s unsuitable, particularly if it includes misleading or inaccurate information about our Members, people, stakeholders, or our services or products. In extreme cases, we may block users but we hope won’t need to.

Contact Us

If you have feedback about our digital communications, email peaceofmind@mdanational.com.au or send a private message via our facebook page.