If you practice for long enough, chances are you will have a complaint made against you. Are you confident your medical defence organisation will be there for you when something does go wrong?

When it comes to a claim or complaint being made against you, it’s common for medical practitioners to feel that “it won’t happen to me”.

MDA National’s Manager of Professional Services, Julie Brooke-Cowden, says that if you practise medicine for long enough, chances are you will have a complaint made against you.

“It's not a question of if - it's really a question of when. And then it’s about knowing what you should do if something has gone wrong.”

Julie has helped MDA National members through a wide range of different medico-legal issues.

She says that sometimes, there is nothing could have been done to prevent a patient from making a claim. “However, I think in the majority of the claims I see, there’s some sort of communication issue.”

Julie has seen situations where a patient has suffered some harm. But because the doctor has a good relationship with patient and has been honest and up front from the start, it hasn't progressed into a complaint or claim.

“To me, that's probably one of the most important ingredients in the therapeutic relationship. While it is difficult to admit that you have done something wrong, it is integral to the continuation of the doctor-patient relationship.”

“MDA National can help guide you when it comes to talking to your patients, particularly when it comes to what you need to be mindful of when having that conversation.”

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