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Our highly experienced team of medico-legal advisers are available to provide you with personalised and practical medico-legal advice when you most need it24 hours a day in emergencies. Call 1800 011 255 or complete our Contact Us Form- we're here to support you.


What we do for our Members:

Tailored advice and support available 24/7

Common queries from Members include:

  • dealing with an ethical dilemma
  • managing requests for medical records
  • terminating the doctor–patient relationship
  • confidentiality and privacy
  • writing medico-legal reports for patients, police, insurers and other third parties
  • dealing with subpoenas and giving evidence in court
  • handling the stress of a medico-legal matter. 

Personal assistance and guidance throughout your claim or investigation, to keep you informed and supported throughout the entire process.

  • Our Cases & Advisory team are medico-legal experts who always have your best interests at heart.
  • If it's in your best interest, we will also engage a top-tier legal firm to secure the best possible outcome for your specific case.


What sets our medico-legal experts apart:


  • One case manager will be your single point of contact until your case is fully resolved.
  • We never use templated responses; all communications are tailored to your unique situation.
  • Proactive assistance where remedial action or upskilling is required.
  • Timely responses and support throughout the entire process.
  • In-house team with a broad range of expertise and many years of experience.
  • Commitment to going above and beyond to protect our Members.


An MDA National Member received a call from a police officer instructing her to appear in court the following day as a witness in a sexual assault case involving a 15-year-old child who had been her patient years ago. Concerned about her schedule and the lack of notice, she asked the officer if this was standard procedure. The officer promised to have a representative from the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) contact her to address her concerns.

In the meantime, the Member reached out to an on-call medico-legal expert at MDA National for guidance. When the DPP representative finally contacted her, our Member informed her about her discussion with MDA National and their advice that patient consent or a subpoena, along with more notice, were typically required. To her surprise, the DPP replied that the rules were different in Queensland and threatened her with criminal charges if she failed to appear in court the next day.

In response, the medico-legal expert from MDA National handling her case sought legal counsel from a lawyer best suited to the Member's needs. The lawyer, who was connected to a supreme court judge, sought clarification on the matter in Queensland. After thorough research, the lawyer informed MDA National that the DPP's claims were incorrect and unfounded.

The lawyer was put in direct contact with the Member and worked from 7 am to 11 pm to gather background information and locate the DPP after business hours. When the DPP was finally reached, she reiterated her earlier statement to the Member. However, our lawyer informed her that such demands were not legally justified.

Consequently, the DPP was compelled to obtain a court order to legally require the Member's presence as a witness. Our appointed lawyer then supported the Member in collecting evidence and made the process as convenient as possible, enabling her to give her testimony remotely.


Medico-legal advice at your convenience

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