Report an incident

We’re here to support you. Please contact us about any incident that could result in a complaint, claim, investigation, employment dispute, disciplinary matter, inquiry or other, as early as possible by calling 1800 011 255 or completing our Notification of Incident Form and emailing it to

Contacting us early is not only a requirement of your professional indemnity; it will enable us to provide you with the most appropriate support.

It’s important you include any letters, notices or court documents received along with the Notification of Incident Form to ensure we can properly investigate the matter and provide you with the best possible advice.

We’re here to support you

We understand that a complaint or claim is more than a medico-legal matter; it’s about your professional reputation. We also know medico-legal matters can be stressful, so rest-assured that:

  • our expert Claims & Advisory team has your best interests at heart – we understand your professional environment and the medico-legal challenges you may face.
  • you will receive personal assistance and guidance throughout a medico-legal matter to ensure you are informed and supported.
  • you will receive quality legal advice and support from our in-house team or, where relevant, from top-tier legal firms to ensure the best possible outcomes for your specific case.

More information

Medico-legal matters can be daunting, which is why we aim to empower Members with information and a clear view of what to expect. Please call and speak with us, or log on to our Member Online Services for more information about:

  • when to report an incident
  • how to report an incident
  • our claims management process
  • how to handle medico-legal matters
  • managing the stress of claims and complaints.
If you are not yet a Member, you are welcome to peruse our Resources or apply today. MDA National Members have full access to our complete suite of Member support services and resources.