Unlike other medical defence organisations, MDA National knows that indemnity is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to helping ophthalmologists through a complaint or claim.

MDA National solicitor and Professional Services manager, Philippa Nash, says that her team is dedicated to matching up every doctor with the best lawyer for them.

“Whether it be me who works with the doctor all the way to the end, or if its senior counsel that’s with them through the whole process.” 

Philippa says the same approach applies within MDA National. “We try and make sure that if a doctor is happy dealing with a particular MDA National advisor internally, then they should continue talking to that advisor.”

She says that MDA National is staffed by the most passionate group of people who are invested in what they do.

“Our focus is to do what we do and do it well and treat every single member that calls us the same. Whether that be a student, or a senior surgeon.”

“We’re authentic about who we are at MDA National and we don’t waver from that – and we are committed to making it a member-focused journey”, says Philippa.

Here’s an example of how MDA National has helped ophthalmologists navigate difficult medico-legal issues in their practise.

If you want to be sure that your career and reputation is always in safe hands, then MDA National is the best choice for you. Request a quote today.