Why Anaesthetists choose MDA National?

For over 95 years, anaesthetists have trusted MDA National to support them through issues they face in their career. We remain committed to providing the expert advice and personalised service you need, when you need it, so you can keep on practising with confidence and providing outstanding patient care.


By your side when you need us most

We recognise that medico-legal matters can be demanding and stressful, both personally and professionally. That's why our highly qualified and experienced in-house legal team works in close partnership with you to resolve your particular matter as expediently as possible.

Where appropriate, our claims team will partner with external senior lawyers or engage directly with senior counsel, so you will have the most appropriate expertise matched to you specific needs, to ensure the best possible outcome. 


Reasons for claims from Anaesthetists*

medical records
Legal issues
General duty of care issues 
practice management
Procedure — post-operative complications 
medico-legal report
Procedure — complication 
Medication related: type or dosage 

*Data considers claims from 2017-2022.


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