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Gross Annual Billings are the total billings generated by you from all areas of your practice for which you require indemnity from us within the financial year whether the funds are retained by you or not, and before any apportionment or deduction of expenses and/or tax. This includes work performed in your name or work for which you are personally liable, including but not limited to Medicare benefits, payments by individuals, payments by the Commonwealth Department of Veteran’s Affairs, workers compensation schemes and third party insurers. It also includes income received from other healthcare services provided by you such as professional fees, writing articles, incentive payments and overseas work for which we have agreed to extend indemnity under the policy. You do not need to include billings or income from healthcare services that you provide in the public system for which you have access to indemnity from the public hospital or your employer.
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Your policy will only respond to matters which result from your practice on or after the retroactive date. The retroactive date will therefore determine how much of your prior practice is covered under your policy. In answering this question, you may need to review your prior indemnity arrangements to determine your retroactive date. It is important for you to be aware that if you do not have sufficient retroactive cover, you may have to fund a claim or investigation personally, including any settlement or award and all associated costs.

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