We’ve created frequently asked questions regarding the impacts of a claims risk rating factor, advice on ways to reduce the risk of a claim being made against you and why choose MDA National.



You can download a copy of your case history by logging into our Member Online Service using your email or Member Number.

Escalating costs and frequency of medical indemnity claims have caused indemnity premiums to increase in Australia and globally. Read more on why medical indemnity claims are on the rise.
For the purposes of calculating your premium we take into account solicitors letters and writs that have an estimated cost of $5000 or more and have occurred in the last ten years. The standard of care and recency of claims is also taken in account when you have had two or more claims in the last 10 years.

For the purposes of calculating your premium we take into account two or more of the below in the last 10 years:

  • investigations by Ahpra, or 
  • inquiries by a hospital, medical tribunal, Royal Commission, criminal court, health services authority, Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner, consumer protection agency or Anti Discrimination Board notified to us in the last ten years

We do not consider any Medicare or Coronial inquiries for the purposes of calculating your premiums.

The degree to which the case history risk rating factor impacts on premium is influenced by the number and severity of investigations a Member has had.

No. The number of times that you call the MDA National medico-legal advice does not contribute in any way to your premium.

We encourage you to seek the support of our medico-legal advisers, who can provide you with expert advice and support when you need it most.

Our National team of industry-leading doctors, lawyers and medical defence experts are just a click or phone call away, and available 24/7 (in emergencies). 

Notification of an adverse incident does not have an impact on your premium (your premium is based on the number of claims and/or investigations you have had in the past 10 years).

The standard of care assessment is based on the standard expected of a practitioner in a particular circumstance.

Where the standard of care assessment is deemed below the appropriate standard, the risk of a future claim is statistically higher which is reflected in the premium calculation.

We take account of the standard of care assessment relevant to claims history when assessing your premium.

As a doctor owned organisation, we recognise that practitioners can be unlucky and may be subject to claims and/or investigations at some point during their career. However our statistical analysis clearly indicates that a Member who has had previous claims and/or investigations has a higher likelihood of a future claim.

Like most insurers, our pricing approach reflects that those with a higher likelihood of a future claim pay a higher premium contribution to the overall insurance premium collected by MDA National.

It is important to highlight that the increase in claims is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of practice.

Our Cases Committee members have provided tips on ways to reduce your risk of receiving a claim against you here  

If your premium exceeds 7.5% of your private gross annual billings, you may be eligible for the Australian Government's Premium Support Scheme (PSS) which has been established to assist eligible medical practitioners to meet the costs of their medical indemnity insurance.

Additionally, we offer a range of payment options including quarterly and monthly instalments. All payment options will be outlined in your Renewal Notice. 

If you wish to know if you are eligible, or have any other questions regarding the PSS, please contact our Member Services team on 1800 011 255 or at peaceofmind@mdanational.com.au

PSS Calculator

We will also consider requests for broader financial assistance in meeting premium payments on a case-by-case basis.

We consider charging different premiums based on a Members risk rating very much in the spirit of the mutuality. It is only fair and equitable that those doctors with a higher risk of a future risk claim based on their case history (and therefore future projected claims risk) pay a higher contribution to the overall premium pool, as they are more likely to need to access the premium pool to cover the cost of claims.

While it may be tempting to change indemnity providers following an increase in your current premium, there are some important things to consider.

With the persistent increase in frequency and rising cost of claims, there has never been a more crucial time to have a strong, caring, reputable medical defence organisation by your side, who will protect your reputation in the event of a claim being made against you.

To find out more about how we can support you, please visit Why MDA National.

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