Reconciliation Action Week 2024

From Monday 27 May – Monday 3 June, Australia is celebrating Reconciliation Action Week. Reconciliation Action Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements.

In line with our purpose, MDA National is on a continuous journey to promote good medical practice and support doctors in being patient-centred; protecting and promoting the health of individuals and the communities in which we all live. This means we are constantly challenging ourselves about what we do and how we do it.

Binar Futures – Health Embassy Project

You may have seen our announcement recently with regards to MDA National signing a community partnership with Binar Futures.

With approval from the State Government of Western Australia to manage basketball events in regional areas –Binar Futures has a goal to help address the Health and Wellbeing of Aboriginal adolescents by providing simultaneous health education and targeted medical check-ups, to improve the health outcomes of Aboriginal people during these events.

The health checks are facilitated by a group of nurses and doctors from the St John of God group, covering ear and heart health checks as well as other medical service providers like Asthma WA. The health education proportion of the program covers topics such as exercise, wet cough, vaping, drugs/alcohol and nutrition.

MDA National is proud to support Members like Dr Claudine Cerda-Pavia who is passionate about dedicating her time to complete health checkups on children who are part of the Binar Health Embassy Project.

MDA National has committed to continuing to support the Binar Project and we will keep you updated on our future joint activities.

For more information about Reconciliation Week 2024, please visit the Reconciliation Australia website.