MDA National and ASO - Working together to support you in the moments that matter

As part of an ongoing alliance, MDA National is the preferred medical indemnity provider for ASO Members. Members of both organisations can enjoy 12.5% discount on their MDA National Membership and Professional Indemnity Insurance Premium. 

In addition, new fellows of RANZCO may be eligible to receive up to 92.5% discount through our Getting Started in Private Practice offer. Please see below for more information. 

To take advantage of our exclusive offer for ASO Members, you can request a personalised quote, contact your state Business Development Specialist, or proceed directly to our online application form. Please make sure to state your ASO member number when applying.


"I have always found them (MDA National) to do a very good job for members.  They offer extremely strong educational services and sound risk management advice.  MDA National are local and approachable and they offer excellent advice on relatively minor things.  No question is too trivial if it is causing concern.  The fact that they offer ASO members a substantial discount is merely the icing on the cake to an already excellent offering."  Dr Laurie Sullivan, MDA National Member since 2001


MDA National offers ASO members 12.5% discount on Professional Indemnity Insurance Premium and Membership Subscription. The reduction cannot be claimed in conjunction with, or in addition to, any other MDA National Membership Subscription and Insurance Premium reduction. To receive the discount proof of ASO membership is required. Subject certain eligibility criteria and underwriting approval.



When commencing in private practice as a specialist for the first time, you’ll be eligible to receive our Getting Started in Private Practice discounts for your first 4 years, providing you with a discounted premium whilst you focus on building up your private practice and patient base. Even better, this discount can be combined with your ongoing 12.5% discount as an ASO member!

Our discounts commence at 80% in your first year. If you commence private practice as a specialist between January and 30 June, you’ll receive the 80% discount for that period, and again for the following full financial year. Subsequent discounts are 60% in your second full year, 40% in your third and finally 20% in your fourth year, before reaching a mature premium.

The cost of your medical indemnity insurance with MDA National will be determined depending on the type of ophthalmology practice and procedures you undertake. Please refer to our Risk Category Guide  to see which category suits your practise best or contact your local Business Development Specialist who will advise you on billings and level of cover.

If you are continuing a public hospital appointment as a specialist Ophthalmologist, together with private specialist practice, our policy provides automatic ‘top-up’ cover outside of that provided by the state government or public hospital. This includes cover for:

  • fines and penalties for unintended breaches of the privacy act
  • legal costs for investigations (including Professional Services Review Committees, AHPRA, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Medicare, Health Care Complaints Commissioner), inquiries, self-referrals to a health program, sexual misconduct and criminal conduct
  • pursuit and defence of defamation matters
  • communicable disease cover 
  • legal costs for seeking an Apprehended Violence Order against another
  • legal costs for breaches of competition, consumer or fair-trading legislation
  • legal costs of employment and credentialing disputes
  • legal costs of medical college training disputes
  • loss of documents cover
  • loss of income cover for attending a hearing at court with respect to a civil liability claim against you

For full information please refer to the Combined Financial Services Guide (FSG), Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording and Supplementary FSG & PDS including Amendments to the Policy Wording v.12.  

MDA National’s Practice Indemnity Policy is designed to complement a doctors’ own Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy and covers the liabilities of the practice entity and its employees in relation to the healthcare services provided by the practice. This can include; reception staff, practice managers, orthoptists, nurses, and vicarious liability arising from contractors or tenants. For more information on our Practice Indemnity Policy, please click here.

 It’s not easy opening your own private consulting rooms with so many things to consider. As a Member or Practice Indemnity Policy holder, our Support in Practice team are here to guide you through this process, so you can keep on focusing on providing outstanding patient care. 

Our Support in Practice service is designed to support and assist practices in identifying and assessing risks within their practice environment and implementing simple strategies to mitigate those risks. 

If you intend on undertaking additional practice outside Australia for charitable work, disaster relief, medical aid, accompanying an Australian sporting or cultural team and acting as a Good Samaritan in a medical emergency at home or while travelling you may be automatically covered. Refer to page 10 of our Risk Category Guide for our automatic inclusion of cover.