Webinar – DNA Deliberations: Tips for talking about direct-to-consumer tests

The use of online DNA tests is likely to increase. Are you ready to help people who are curious about or have already done one?

This live webinar was held on 10 September 2019. Members who missed the online event can watch the recorded session any time.

In this recording of a live webinar, Edwina Middleton (Program Leader & Senior Genetic Counsellor, The Centre for Genetics Education, NSW Health) and Julie Brooke-Cowden (Manager, Professional Services, MDA National) explore practical advice to help people make informed decisions about personal genomic tests.

Members can access the full 38-minute webinar through their Member Online Services account. Others can watch an excerpt of the first 12 minutes of the webinar here.

If you have a question in relation to this webinar email the Education Services team at education@mdanational.com.au.

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