Join our Ambassador program

Members are at the heart of everything we do!

Remaining true to our doctors-for-doctors ethos, the MDA National Brand Ambassador program helps us to remain connected to our membership and the challenges they may face. Our Brand Ambassadors are vital in representing our organisation in the market, increasing awareness of the MDA National brand and assisting to drive growth in membership (a benefit to all members).

MDA National Brand Ambassadors embody the MDA National Brand Identity representing us in a positive light. They are REAL Members from a range of specialties and career stages.

As a Brand Ambassador you can expect to represent MDA National in an official capacity in one (or more) of the following roles:

  • key events and activities
  • networking opportunities
  • education sessions
  • focus groups
  • marketing collateral
  • various tailored projects


Why have Brand Ambassadors?

Because our Members remain at the heart of everything we do! Our Brand Ambassadors keep us connected to our Membership, ensuring we remain relevant in the market.

They embody the MDA National Brand Identity, representing us amongst their peers,helping to gather insights and increasing awareness of the MDA National brand.

The Brand Ambassador role enables our Members to represent MDA National in an official capacity at key events and activities, networking opportunities, education sessions, focus groups, marketing collateral and other projects as necessary.


The Selection Process

Our Brand Ambassadors are selected carefully and in consideration of a set of criteria including (but not limited to):

  • Specialty
  • Career stage
  • Professional reputation
  • Influence
  • Recommendation from a peer
  • Experience with MDA National’s service
  • Location


Interested in joining the MDA National Brand Ambassador program or want to find out more? Contact us at


Our current Brand Ambassadors

Dr David Borshoff Anaesthetist
Dr David Kingsbury Anaesthetist
Dr Emmeline Lee Radiologist
Dr Evelyn Bowen Surgical Assistant / General Practitioner
Dr Homan Zandi Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Michael Gannon Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Dr Natalie Sumich General Practitioner
Dr Rob Paul Ophthalmologist
Dr Vanessa Atienza-Hipolito Breast Imaging Radiologist
James Pike Medical Student
Dr Declan Scragg Anaesthetic Trainee
Dr Fiona Raciti General Practitioner
Dr Kristine Estensen Intensive Care Specialist
Dr Sikta Samantray Junior Doctor
 Dr Alex Markwell Emergency Physician
 Dr Eric Richman Emergency Department Specialist
 Dr Maria Boulton General Practitioner
 Dr Tahnee Bridson Psychiatry Registrar
Dr David Chong Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr Laurie Sullivan Ophthalmologist
Dr Tahnee Bridson Psychiatry Registrar
Professor Rupert Leong Gastroenterologist
Dr Ameer Ibrahim Sports & Exercise Physician
Dr Maria Li General Practitioner
Dr Russell Thompson Dermatology Registrar
Dr Andrew Perry Emergency Medicine and Retrieval Consultant
Dr Chloe Furst Geriatrician
Dr Cristina Valero General Practitioner
Dr Arnold Chen Intern
Yonina Yang Medical Student
Liz Abraham Medical Student