Peace of mind

At MDA National, we care about you as a professional and as a person.

We care about your career reputation, your continuing education, your wellbeing and your professional community.

Join us if you are looking for support over and above medical indemnity. Our Member Survey shows 90% of Member participants feel supported by our team of medico-legal experts, and 87% feel we provide exceptional service.

By joining MDA National, you choose to become part of a collegiate organisation that has a time-honoured commitment to providing the best possible professional indemnity and medico-legal support to medical practitioners.

Our Focus

Our ongoing success is attributed to our personal understanding of the medical profession and professional indemnity insurance. We focus on ensuring that we deliver exceptional service to Members with every interaction they have with us.


We adopt a grassroots approach to recruit and retain medical professionals. With more than 60% of the country’s doctors in training as MDA National Members, we understand doctors’ unique needs from the beginning and throughout their medical career.


Members tell us that MDA National’s engagement and personal interaction provides a higher level of peace of mind and support. Our local presence and personal interaction are what Members say they value and expect.


We ensure strong, collaborative alliances to provide a focus on delivering additional value for Members, and in the areas that are important and beneficial to them.


MDA National strives to always provide personalised and expert risk management and education support services for Members.