Overseas Cover

Providing healthcare whilst overseas.

In certain circumstances, your policy will automatically extend to cover your work overseas:

Members providing healthcare services outside Australia for charitable work, disaster relief and medical aid overseas. Cover is available for up to 6 months in the Policy period for all countries except the USA and its territories.
Members accompanying an Australian sporting team or cultural group anywhere in the world and providing healthcare services to members of that team or group. Cover is available for up to 6 months in the Policy period for all countries including the USA and its territories provided the healthcare is only provided to team or group members being resident in Australia.
Members acting as a Good Samaritan in a medical emergency at home or while travelling. Cover is available worldwide.
Student members undertaking a University elective or a clinical or scholarship placement overseas as part of their Medical degree. Cover is available except in the USA and its territories.


If you are providing healthcare services outside of Australia where your Policy does not extend cover, you should obtain cover from a local insurer/provider in the jurisdiction that you are practicing. While you are overseas, it is important to maintain your MDA Policy to ensure you continue to be covered for your prior practice cover. In some cases, a lower premium may apply. Please contact Member Services to discuss your situation.

For the full details of the cover provided for Overseas work please refer to the Policy wording.