Election Notice 2021

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Election Notice 2021
Call for nominations for MDA National Limited Mutual Board Directors (4)


As a doctor owned organisation, our purpose is to support and protect our Members and promote good medical practice, so that our Members can keep on practising with confidence.

In terms of the MDA National Constitution, 4 Mutual Board Directors are due to retire at the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) as part of the standard rotation of directors (Drs Gannon, Benson, Miller and Naidoo). Drs Gannon, Benson and Naidoo have indicated they will be standing for re-election. Due to Constitutional requirements around tenure limit, Dr Miller will not stand for re-election.

MDA National is seeking nominations from eligible Voting Members* with the appropriate skills, expertise and inter-personal competencies to stand for election to the Mutual Board of MDA National Board Members. Should an election be required, Board Members will be elected by a vote of MDA National Members.

Nominations open from 13 September 2021 and close at 11.59pm AWST on 27 September 2021.



To be eligible to stand for election, you must:

  • be an eligible Voting Member as outlined in the Constitution
  • meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the Constitution and associated Regulations which includes:
    • meeting the requirements under APRA Prudential Standard CPS 520
    • being a currently registered medical practitioner who has no current or past endorsements, notations or conditions on their registration and who has not been suspended or reprimanded by or given undertakings to the relevant registration body
    • agreeing to be bound by the Mutual Board Charter
    • having a minimum of 3 consecutive years as an eligible Voting Member
  • consent to be nominated
  • comply with the Election Rules.


Role of an MDA National Mutual Board Director

The role of a Mutual Board Director is to ensure that the Mutual Board carries out its legal duties having appropriate regard to the objects included in its Constitution and the interests of its Members and the broader community in which it operates.

If not already obtained, successfully elected directors are encouraged to complete the Australian Institute of Company Director’s company directors course or an equivalent qualification within their first year of tenure.

Directors collectively, are responsible for:

  • representing the interests of MDA National’s Members as a whole
  • meeting obligations as defined in the Constitution including the promotion of honourable and contemporary medical practice
  • ensuring MDA National’s financial position is adequate to meet its financial and other obligations
  • working with the Board of MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd to define and set the strategic direction for the MDA National Group.


Skills and Experience Beneficial to the Role

The current Mutual Board believes the following core skills, experience and attributes are desirable for candidates seeking to stand for election:

  • previous experience with MDA National through one of its committees or working groups
  • governance experience
  • medical indemnity experience
  • medical or other leadership experience
  • commercial, financial or insurance experience
  • experience in strategic planning.

MDA National supports diversity and encourages all eligible Members who demonstrate the skills and experience to fulfil the role to nominate.


Conflicts of Interest

Directors have a legal duty to act in the best interests of MDA National and the Members at all times and so candidates wishing to nominate should consider if they hold any roles or positions which may create a real or perceived conflict of interest. Some roles may be intrinsically incompatible with the duties of an MDA National director. Candidates will be asked to provide full disclosure of any office, role or position they hold.


Nomination and Election Process

Candidates must submit their nomination by 11.59pm AWST on 27 September 2021 through the CorpVote site and must be nominated by a Member. Should an election be necessary, voting will open on Monday 25 October 2021 and close at 11.59pm AWST Monday 15 November 2021. The successful candidates will be announced at the AGM on 26 November 2021.

Candidates will be required to provide the following information to support their nomination:

  • candidate statement containing no more than 250 words which will be provided to Voting Members during the election
  • an up to date Curriculum Vitae
  • a current photograph (passport size) of the proposed candidates head or head and shoulders
  • a statement to address the skills and experience beneficial to the role as outlined in the relevant paragraph above “Skills and Experience Beneficial to the Role"
  • a statement detailing any disclosure of any office, role or positions that they hold that may give rise to a real or perceived conflict of interest.

An Election Sub Committee (which excludes directors seeking re-election) has been established to assist the Mutual Board in managing the election process. To assist Members in voting, the Mutual Board will endorse candidates who they believe will have the most appropriate skills and experience to complement the capabilities of existing directors.

As part of that process, the Election Sub Committee will review the documentation provided as part the nomination and will conduct interviews of those standing for election. Candidates must make themselves available for interviews.

The Committee will make recommendations to the Mutual Board regarding who they believe has the most appropriate experience and skills to complement the capabilities of existing directors.Candidates will be advised as to whether they will be endorsed or not and will then be given an opportunity to continue or withdraw from the process. Candidates who are not endorsed are still entitled to stand as non-endorsed candidates.

Endorsed candidates will be identified on the voting material provided to Voting Members.

CorpVote on behalf of MDA National will be managing the nomination process and if required, the 2021 election. For further details on how to nominate, please visit the CorpVote site.


Vote Canvassing

As detailed in the Election Rules, under the Corporations Act 2001, candidates will be entitled to a copy of the Member Register subject to use being for a “proper purpose”. Details of how to request a copy of and the obligations bestowed upon recipients can be found in the Election Rules.


Help & Support Information

For nomination support please contact CorpVote on 1300 710 950 or support@corpvote.com.au.

Have you changed your address?

You can update your details via the MDA National app or via Member Online Services. Alternatively, you can advise us by calling 1800 011 255 or emailing peaceofmind@mdanational.com.au.


Jenny Wright 2021 Returning Officer
Phone - 08 6461 3400
Email - returningofficer@mdanational.com.au