Our Governance

MDA National Limited (MDA National) is a longstanding mutual Medical Defence Organisation (MDO).

MDA National was established in 1925 to support, protect and promote the interests of our Members.

As a Member service organisation, we operate under the MDA National Constitution. 

MDA National owns MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd, the Medical Indemnity Insurer, which issues Professional Indemnity Insurance and Practice Indemnity Policies to Members and insureds. Together, the two entities make up the MDA National Group.

The MDA National Group

 MDA National Limited - the mutual association MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd - the insurer 
  • Owned by Members
  • Provides Membership and support services
  • Advocates on behalf of the interests of Members and the medical
  • Wholly owns MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd
  • Governed by a Mutual Board
  • The majority of its Directors are Member-elected.  
  • Issues professional indemnity policies to medical practices, practitioners
    and medical students and dentists
  • Regulated insurer and wholly owned subsidiary of MDA National Limited
  • Governed by MDA National’s Insurance Board
  • Regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
  • Authorised by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)
    to deal in and provide financial product advice on general insurance products
    via an Australian Financial Services Licence
  • Participating company of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).


Our Boards

The MDA National Group is led by two Boards to ensure our Members' and insureds' needs are met, and that our commercial, compliance and regulatory requirements are upheld. Our Boards operate under specific charters:


Mutual Board Insurance Board
Comprises a majority of elected doctor Members

Responsible for:

  • monitoring the financial performance of MDA National Insurance and its investment in that entity
  • approving the overall strategic objectives for the Group
  • appointing the Directors and monitoring the performance of MDA National Insurance’s Board 
  • setting the philosophy and providing input on medical issues.

  • Appointed by MDA National
  • Majority independent Directors, including the Chairman
  • Complies with APRA’s “fit and proper” requirements of being a Director of a licensed general insurer

  • Responsible for:
    • implementing the Group’s strategic goals and objective
    • issuing policies of indemnity to MDA National Members and insureds
    • performing the operational requirements of MDA National under a Service Agreement
    • employing all management and staff.


    The President's Blog
    By Dr Michael Gannon

    Dear fellow Members

    Recently, the doctor owned Medical Indemnity Insurers, united in our approach, wrote to Health Minister Hon. Greg Hunt MP asking for indemnity for GP members, other doctors and practice entities for their participation in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. MDA National and our sister organisations made similar representations through our industry body, the Insurance Council of Australia earlier in the year. Those initial approaches were rebuffed by Minister Hunt.

    The Government has shown no appetite to introduce a statutory no-fault compensation scheme. If that cannot be delivered swiftly, bearing in mind the urgency of the timelines, then a guarantee of indemnity is essential.

    MDA National continues its advocacy through our close relationship with the AMA, discussing the importance of doctors being confident that if they administer vaccine in good faith, they will enjoy indemnity from the inevitable adverse events that will accompany the massive and unprecedented exercise that is vaccinating the entire Australian population against a novel pathogen.

    The vaccine manufacturers sought and were granted immunity by the Federal Government. We sought then, and continue to seek now, similar arrangements for doctors administering vaccine in the private sector and beyond.

    The ATAGI advice on the Astra Zeneca vaccine and the emergence of a seemingly idiosyncratic Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) have only made the case more urgent. The community’s faith in an unprecedented whole of population vaccine roll-out will be tested if there is any reticence on behalf of trusted health professionals to administer the vaccine. Study after study has shown the high regard in which Australians hold their GPs. It is entirely reasonable that GPs would seek this protection while contributing to this hugely important public health measure.

    In the event of a claim, the treating doctor might be the first point of contact. Even if there is a legal process in which the doctor and the manufacturer are both addressed in a claim, this becomes a complex and therefore expensive legal process.

    Elsewhere in the world, governments are indemnifying healthcare professionals for the risks associated with administering COVID-19 vaccinations. Therefore, it will become difficult for Australian organisations like ours to purchase reinsurance in that competitive international market.

    MDA National will continue to make the strongest possible representations on behalf of our Members.

    Dr Michael Gannon