Our Support in Practice team offers Members practical and personalised risk management support and advice by:

  • identifying risks which could lead to claims or complaints
  • developing practical strategies to reduce those risks
  • supporting Members’ practices in the provision of safe and appropriate patient care.

Our extensive Resources range from case studies to self-assessment tools to one-on-one risk management assessments.

There are also circumstances where our Support in Practice team will approach Members to provide additional support via one of our specific Support in Practice Programs.

Support in Practice Visits

Our Support in Practice visits are designed to support and assist Members in identifying and assessing risks within their practice, and implementing simple strategies to mitigate those risks. The visit is tailored to meet your medico-legal needs and can include specific areas of concern, such as:

  • appointment/test tracking systems
  • consultation/communication strategies
  • consent
  • medical records
  • management of complaints and adverse events
  • telephones and messaging
  • patient referral and follow up
  • privacy and confidentiality.

Support in Practice Programs

Our Support in Practice Programs aim to protect MDA National’s Membership by proactively assisting Members who may need additional support in managing their medico-legal risks:

  • Level 1 – Early Intervention Program
    Supports Members who have self-referred or been referred in-house, with personalised advice and tailored one-to-one risk management education.

  • Level 2 – Member Risk Management Program
    Highly personalised service to assist Members in dealing with risks that are potentially more serious. We provide sustained support, guidance, education and follow-up for Members in this program.