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COVID-19 vaccinations - what is expected of health practitioners

Ahpra and the TGA have provided guidance for doctors with respect to expectations during the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.


Active ingredient prescribing

Prescribing medication by its active ingredient will become mandatory from 1 February 2021. The active ingredient must be listed first and can be followed by the brand name if the prescriber believes it is clinically necessary.

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Training program dilemmas

MDA National interviewed several Members on the issues DiTs face to get into a formal training program, and this article is based on our Members’ responses.


10 Dec 2020

Articles & Case Studies

Top 10 tips for interns

Dr Ned Latham, RMO, shares his top 10 tips to help you get started on your internship journey.

Articles & Case Studies

10 things I wish I had known when starting my medical school journey

MDA Member, Dr Mirsada Prasko, reflects on her medical school journey and offers valuable tips to budding doctors.

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Tips for writing medical certificates

Medical certificates can lead to complaints by patients and those receiving the certificate. Whether to issue a certificate, or what to say, can pose challenging dilemmas.

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Tips for tricky conversations

Tips for approaching a difficult conversation with a senior colleague.

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The LASA drug dilemma

Drug mix-ups involving medications that look alike and sound alike (LASA) can cause significant patient harm.



Career complications and contending with uncertainty

Among the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for junior doctors is how to respond to medical training impacts and career uncertainty. In this podcast, Dr Caroline Elton (a psychologist who specialises in helping doctors)and Dr Benjamin Veness (a Psychiatry registrar) share advice for coping with medical training and career delays, disruptions and unknowns.


10 Aug 2020

Diplomacy in a hierarchy: Tips for approaching a difficult conversation with a senior hospital colleague

Resolving a disagreement or conflict can be hard and it’s a skill that needs practise. In this podcast Dr Eddie Kim (a residential medical officer), Dr Paul Eleftheriou (a chief medical officer) and Dr Kiely Kim (MDA National medico-legal adviser and general practitioner), explore top tips for approaching a difficult and possibly daunting conversation with a senior colleague. References and related resources for this episode can be viewed at


05 Aug 2020