The challenging emotions of difficult news – online education activity

Explore how to communicate difficult news in ways that benefit patient outcomes and your own wellbeing – at your own pace, place and time.


Members can access this activity any time from a computer or tablet, logging in and out as convenient to complete the 2.5-hour activity.

The activity is designed for doctors at all stages of their career and medical students may also find it useful.

This online education is a handy way to gain practical advice on how to respond to patients’ and families’ negative reactions; communicate empathically, promoting trust and realistic hope; manage personal negative reactions resulting from communicating difficult news.

Members were heavily involved in creating this activity. The face-to-face version has received very positive feedback including an average of around 80% of participants saying that they were considering doing something different as a result of the activity and that the content was entirely relevant to their work.  

Members completing the online activity can see responses from other participant doctors and share tips with their colleagues. Any remaining questions can be emailed to us.

Members can participate and get more information, including the activity’s learning outcomes and college professional development recognition details by clicking the button above.

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