Jingle Bells... for Doctors

20 Dec 2019

Nerissa Ferrie

by Ms Nerissa Ferrie

Stethoscope, Christmas ornament and a small wrapped gift

Dashing out the drive in an eco-friendly car

Should be there in five for a patient’s trial of scar

Bells on call phones ring, the timing will be tight

What fun it is to bring new life into the world tonight


Dad’s eyes well, the team excel

The birth is quite a sight

Mum is well and healthy, and the baby strong and bright

Care compels, where hope still dwells

The doctors show delight

The joy of a new baby on a busy Christmas night


A floor or two away, a life is near its last

The patient’s health is poor, his vitals fading fast

Alone on Christmas night, no family or friend

But the trusted team in ICU will be there ‘til the end


Festive cheer, a misnomer here

A patient’s life is gone

But feelings must be put aside so the team can carry on

No time for fun, the team all run

To assess their latest guest

Those on call are on the ball, they won’t get any rest


So if this Christmas time, you find yourself on shift

Remember that you have a truly special gift

You may be feeling tired, and missing all the mirth

But those who need your help this year appreciate your worth


Doctors care, the world out there

Respects the work you do

But be aware that some self-care is necessary too

If you need some sound advice to help you to survive

MDA’s just a call away…1800 011 255


The team at MDA National wish you a safe and happy festive season.


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