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13 Mar 2019

sara bird

by Dr Sara Bird

Doctor dejected at the information that he is being handed
This year, what are your chances of receiving a complaint which is lodged with AHPRA?

And if you do receive an AHPRA complaint, will it have an impact on your medical registration and ability to practice?

The AHPRA 2017/18 Annual Report reveals that 5.1% of all registered medical practitioners had notifications (complaints) made about them to AHPRA last year. 

Of the AHPRA notifications which were finalised in 2017/18:

  • 80.2% resulted in no further action being taken against the medical practitioner
  • 1% resulted in the suspension or cancellation of a medical practitioner’s registration
  • 7.8% resulted in conditions being imposed on a medical practitioner’s registration, or the acceptance of an undertaking
  • 6.7% of resulted in a medical practitioner receiving a caution or reprimand by the Board.

There were 343 mandatory notifications made to AHPRA about doctors (<0.3% of registered medical practitioners).  The ‘notifiable conduct’ was:

  • placing the public at risk of harm because of a significant departure from accepted professional standards (70% of mandatory notifications, involving 241 doctors)
  • placing the public at risk of significant harm because of an impairment/health issue (18%, 63 doctors)
  • engaging in sexual misconduct in the practice of the profession (9%, 30 doctors)
  • practising while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs (3%, 9 doctors).

This blog contains general information only. We recommend you contact your medical defence organisation or insurer when you require specific advice in relation to medico-legal matters.



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