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Information for Provisional Registration

05 Dec 2012

Before you can start your internship you must apply for provisional registration to practice as a medical practitioner.

Graduating in 2012
Online Registration with AHPRA Now Open!

Apply online now or at least four to six weeks before completing your studies.

Graduating students need to apply for provisional registration to undertake a period of internship in Australia, prior to being eligible for general registration. You must be a registered medical practitioner before you can start your internship.  We strongly recommend you apply online now to avoid any complications in your transition to internship.  

Your application will require you to post some supporting documents to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulator Agency (AHPRA), and you’ll need to meet the Medical Board of Australia’s registration requirements which relate to:  

  • criminal history
  • English language skills
  • professional indemnity insurance.

How to apply in five simple steps

  1. Apply for registration four to six weeks before completing your course.
  2. Complete an online application (if eligible) or download an application form. All applications require some supporting documents to be sent to AHPRA my mail.
  3. Education providers advise AHPRA when applicants are eligible to graduate.
  4. AHPRA finalises assessment, confirms registration, publish new graduates' names on the Register of Medical Practitioners and sends out registration certificates.
  5. New graduates are registered and eligible to start working as soon as their name is published on the Register of Medical Practitioners.

Want more information?

Contact MDA National on 1800 011 255 or email now or at any time during your internship. We’re here to support you 24 hours a day.

 Visit the AHPRA website



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