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Develop Through Your Elective

23 Nov 2012

Developing personally and professionally is a core part of your medical degree and one of the ways you can do this is through your elective.

This is the first time you’ll practice medicine away from medical school hospital training and is one of the transitions you’ll experience before graduating.

Your elective is an opportunity to see medicine in a different context and whether you decide to work in a resource poor environment, with emergency teams or in research, the experience develops skills that help you become a more rounded practitioner.  Previous students have learned to cope without expensive machinery, how to manage potential outbreaks with limited resources or busy clinics with very few staff, and to appreciate the technology that is available in western hospitals.

These invaluable skills can be developed on a well-considered elective placement and The Electives Network’s resources can help you make your choice for this transition. Membership of The Electives Network is free for MDA National Members, so login and make sure you make the most of this unique tool when you plan your elective.



How to Respond to a Complaint

Even a complaint that may seem trivial is important to the patient. MDA national Medico-legal Adviser and practicing GP, Dr Jane Deacon, discusses how to respond to a complaint.


11 Apr 2019

Top Tips and Medico-legal Mistakes Part 1

MDA National Executive Professional Services Manager and GP, Dr Sara Bird, explains how to be better prepared and avoid common medico-legal mistakes.


11 Apr 2019