You must immediately send us any letters, notices or court documents you receive.
Claim and incident reporting is critical. It allows us to properly investigate the matter at issue and provide you with appropriate advice.

Prompt reporting

Report all incidents and potential claims to us as soon as possible. If the matter is urgent, contact us on 1800 011 255. You should then provide us with an e-mail, fax, or postal notification, which should include the following information:

  • your name and member number;
  • date, time and place of the event;
  • the specific nature of the incident, as well as a detailed account of the professional service you performed;
  • the name and address of any other professionals involved; and
  • the name, address and age of the patient involved.

Or you can simply complete an Notification of Incident Form

If you suspect that the law may have been broken you should immediately notify us as the incident may need to be reported to the Police.

If someone commences a claim, immediately send us copies of all legal documents and other correspondence. Do not admit liability and refrain from taking on any financial obligation, such as instructing a solicitor.

Medical records

Under no circumstances should you alter your medical records. If you wish to add something to your records, please seek our advice before doing so. We require legible copies of your clinical records relating to any claim or potential claim to be forwarded to our office.

Secure all files

Where possible, secure all files, pathology results, radiology referrals, etc.

Speak before you write

Patients are always entitled to a full, accurate, sympathetic and prompt account of the facts, but care must be taken not to admit liability. Remember, there is a difference between an expression of regret or sympathy and an admission of liability or fault (which must not be made). Refrain from entering into any correspondence with the patient until after you have spoken to us.

Leave it to us

The litigation process can be lengthy and trying. We are here to handle each matter on behalf of our Members with the highest professionalism and the minimum of fuss to you.