MDA National Limited (MDA National) is a mutual Medical Defence Organisation (MDO), founded in Perth, WA in 1925 to protect the interests of its doctor Members.

MDA National owns a Medical Indemnity Insurer (MII), MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd. This company has issued Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies to Members of MDA National since July 2003. Together, the two entities make up the MDA National Group.

Our Group is led by two Boards to ensure that the needs of our Membership are met, and that our commercial and regulatory requirements are upheld. While both Boards have a different focus, they work in alignment to ensure MDA National supports, protects and promotes our Members 

Each year, Members of MDA National elect representatives to the Mutual Board (up to 10 doctors).

 The role of the Mutual Board is to:

  • monitor the financial performance of MDA National Insurance and its investment in that entity;
  • approve the overall strategic objectives for the Group;
  • appoint the Directors and monitor the performance of MDA National Insurance’s Board; and
  • set the philosophy and provide input on medical issues.

MDA National Insurance is responsible for:

  • implementing the MDA National Group’s strategic goals and objectives;
  • issuing policies of indemnity to MDA National Members;
  • performing the operational requirements of MDA National under a Service Agreement; and
  • employing all Management and Staff.

The majority of the Board, including the Chairman, is independent. All comply with APRA’s “fit and proper” requirements for being a director of a licensed general insurer.

MDA National's Constitution and Board Charter are available for you to download.