State Advisory Panels 

The State Advisory Panels is a primary source of Member insight, providing integral feedback on local issues and emerging risks across various specialties. Each state State Advisory Panels comprises local and highly experienced medical practitioners of varying specialties and career stages, recruited for a two-year term. 

State Advisory Panels members
Dr Beres Wenck (National Chair), Queensland

A/Prof Andrew Keegan (State Chair)
Dr Maria Li
Dr Brian Morton
Dr Saxon Smith

Dr David Gilpin (State Chair)
Dr Clark Maul
Dr Anita Sharma
A/Prof Michael Steyn

Dr Jill Maxwell (State Chair)
Dr Michelle Emmerson
Dr Chloe Furst
Dr Michael Hayes
Dr Scott Ma
Dr Andrew Perry

Dr Xavier Fagan
Dr Michael Galvin

Dr Dror Maor (State Chair)
Dr James Anderson
Dr Robert Henderson
Dr Richard Riley
Dr Natalie Sumich

Education Services Advisory Group (ESAG)

This group provides advice on the delivery of educational activities in accordance with MDA National’s strategic plan. 

ESAG non-staff members:

  • Dr Kaye Atkinson
  • Dr Paul Eleftheriou
  • Dr Samari Jayarajah
  • Prof Stephen Trumble
  • Dr Genevieve Yates