Spring 2010

The MDA National AMSA Convention Chocolate Factory

The month of July saw Hobart metropolitan population rise by over 800 when medical students from all over Australia flocked to the city for the AMSA Convention 2010.

As the foundation sponsors of AMSA and a partner of AMSA’s ‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind’ Campaign, we also travelled south to take part.

This year we took AMSA Convention attendees on a journey inspired by the legendary candy-maker Willie Wonka.

Chocolate Factory 1

The tradebooth was titled, ‘The MDA National Chocolate Factory’. Inside the tradebooth, the Willy Wonka theme was evident with a bright and eccentric environment created with the use of astro-turf, mushroom props, large cylinders filled with candy, posters and an imposing chocolate wheel.

Our workshop was held on the first day of Convention. In keeping with the theme, Dr Kieran Le Plastrier presented an excellent session titled, 'Who is Charlie Bucket?' Taking the next step. How your personality, approach to study and mental health influence your career in medicine.

Chocolate Factory 1

Using our new Partnering Your Professionalism Program as the foundation for his session, Dr Kieran helped students identify their individual learning styles and explained how their learning styles, combined with their attitude, personality and state of mental health will influence the way they practice.

If you would like to know more about the Partnering Your Professionalism Program or you would like to have a session at your university, click here.